Minoan Crete, 4000 year old Sanskrit and the Δίσκος της Φαιστού


Does anyone know anything about the stone tablet in this picture I stumbled across on Pinterest?


It is apparently an “ancient disc from the cave paintings era 4000BC. It is said to be written in Sanskrit and it states it holds the secret of time.”

But, is it not the “Disc of Phaistos”; which is written in Minoan and is an example of Cretan hieroglyphics that only dates back to approx 1700 BCE? This is around the same time that bull leaping became a thing and the idea of gymnastics first gets mentioned.

This short video is interesting in decoding some of it

What is the need to claim anything this old and mysterious as being “Sanskrit”? There are fertile imaginations, to be sure. Like Gene D. Matlock who claims the world was once entirely “owned by Hindus.”