Beggars and Vagrants in the 2011 Indian Census

Here is some data I filtered out from 14K rows from the 2011 Indian Census B-series.

The full name of the dataset is Table B-14 Non-Workers By Main Activity, Age, Sex And Religious Community — 2011(India & States/UTs).

This table I have created shows data related to total numbers of vagrants and beggars. Each row of data is first ordered by total persons. The top shows the national totals and rural and urban. The second looks at state totals above 10k tokens and the next two sections show the same data but filtered for rural and urban figures. The data show 372,217 people were beggars/vagrants across all of India. West Bengal has the highest state total with 75,083 followed by Uttar Pradesh 57,038. The rural and urban categories are also topped by the same two states. All the data was set to include the totals for all age groups and religious communities. In the rural and total state categories, both West Bengal and Assam have higher figures for women than men.

The original dataset is available at

This image shows the original category on the downloaded spreadsheet and that the nomenclature of beggar and vagrant is not my choice but that of the Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, India Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

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